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"Verify Subscription" Notification

Yesterday, January 16, 2009, I received a notification stating that my computer was no longer protected by my Mcafee product. I clicked on the "fix" icon and received a message stating that one or items required my attention, but it did not explain WHAT needed attending to. I then noticed noticed the words "verify subscription" in red letters. I clicked on that icon and Mcafee reported that my subscription was verified, but my protection status did not change. At that point, I clicked on the update icon which resulted in my protection status turning back to green (protected). I have not experienced this problem since, but I am concerned that this will become a chronic issue (I read other postings stating that this has happened quite frequently). I have no older Mcafee products installed and my time and date are set correctly. I also have several months left on my Mcafee subscription. I am using Mcafee Security center and Virus Scan Plus. Any answers as to why this happened and the risk of this happening again will be greatly appreciated.
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RE: "Verify Subscription" Notification

I hope someone cah help. I get that stupid message in the middle of things all the time, and everything stops until it verifies the subscription.

I am getting sick of this!
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Verify Subscription

/\/\ay this be helpful for you.

I am having few questions regarding this.

Are you getting the verify subscription for just one product or getting Attention/Action Required message for all the sections in McAfee Security Center?
If you are getting the verify subscription message for any single product, it will get fixed by just verifying it.

If you are getting Attention/Action Required message for all the sections in McAfee Security Center, then, I have another set of questions

1. Did your system crash recently?
2. Are you getting any error popup from Microsoft?
3. Did you try to perform a system restore recently?

If any of these happened, then try a fuill windows update with all the optionals.
Run a checkdisk utility to find out errors in the hard drive. I believe there might be some problem with the File System or Master File Table (MFT).

You can run the check disk utility by following the below given steps

For Vista Command Prompt should run as administrator
For XP: Start>>RUN>>cmd then Click OK.
You will get the command prompt window now.
Type CHKDSK there and hit enter key.
It will run the Check Disk utility
Just check all these things and post it back

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i concour

Oddly enough, I do concour with this answer. I usually get stuff like this and have to do a full reinstall if I do a system restore and isn't easily fixed by clicking the "Fix" button....
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