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"RE: Custom Scan keeps scanning ALL local drives" (Thread 16900: locked)

I  read this old thread with interest, because I have been having the same  problem as Alex.  Although he received helpful advice to enable him to  look at the results of scans, I don't think that his basic problem was  solved; i.e. that there was a probably a fault that was causing all his  local drives to be scanned, even when he had carefully selected only the  drive(s) that he wanted to be custom-scanned.

I have  reported the same problem on the BT Care Forum, since my McAfee  system came as part of BT's broadband Option 3 package.  No-one has yet  come up with a solution, although I have seen advice elsewhere that the  only solution is to re-install the entire McAfee system.

In  the meantime, the only simple option that I know is as follows:  Open  Windows Explorer (or "My computer") and right-click whichever drive or  folder that you want to scan.  Then select "scan" from the drop-down  menu.  This works fine for me, except that there is no obvious way of knowing for certain whether the scan has included all categories of threat. I will, however, see if I can do so by lookig up the log in the advanced menu, as Alex was advised to do.

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