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"Not Protected" Pop-Up

Will someone tell me how to eliminate this annoying daily pop-up I get from the McAfee Security Center program that states "Your Computer Not Fully Protected" ? It is apparently embedded in my computer program for purposes of increasing McAfee revenue. When I activate the link to "fix" the problem it confirms I have a valid subscription and than announces that everything is working properly. DUH !! I have been a subscriber for years thus I certainly need no re-validation, much less on a daily basis. I suppose if I allowed my subscription to lapse the pop-up would remain on my screen until I de-installed the program. I only subscribe to three of the four Security Center features because my household has no requirement for Parental Control. I suppose this pop-up is also a thinly veiled attempt to have me subscribe to the fourth element. Give me a break. Someone re-write your program to eliminate this sales pitch. Truly unprofessional.
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