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"Download Complete" notification won't go away

Hi -- I can't find this in any existing Help and hope you can assist.

I recently downloaded McAfee Security Suite for free because I'm a Comcast customer.

I have Security Center v. 9.15
VirusScan v 13.15
Personal Firewall v 10.15

and I am running Windows vista Home Premium SP1.

The McAfee "download complete" notification box pops up numerous times each day. It asks if I want to Install now, remind me later, or cancel. I've already installed and run the software, yet choosing that option or the other two makes the box go away but it just comes back later no matter which I choose.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Level 16

RE: "Download Complete" notification won't go away

The "Download complete" prompt your getting is regarding the McAfee updates which happens now and then to keep your Mcafee Software updated.
McAfee recommends to have the automatic updates turned on & let the program update automatically.

Thanks. . .
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