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"An Error Occurred" when updating McAfee

I just started my computer, I went ahead to my SecurityCenter to do an update.

Twice after downloading, it said an error occurred

Then I ran MVT, which said everything is fine

Then I tried to update again, and it said I was up to date

Then seconds later I tried to update again, it installed a new update

Then I ran MVT again, which said everything is fine

Anyone else have this experience?

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Re: "An Error Occurred" when updating McAfee

just to note, I did a full scan afterwards and it came out clean.

There was a glitch and the program froze one, so I had to abort and re-run, but it was clean.

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Re: "An Error Occurred" when updating McAfee


There are chances where you may receive these sorts of error messages due to Network Traffic while downloading the updates from the server. You are good if McAfee in your computer shows that "Your computer is secure" No action is required.

Meanwhile Kindly update me with the below details:

Version of installed McAfee Product:

(Navigation: Open McAfee product > Click About on the top right)

  • McAfee Security Center:
  • McAfee Virus Scan:

DAT version:

  • McAfee Personal Firewall:

Internet Connection: (DSL / Wireless)

Operating System: (Windows XP/ Vista / Windows 7)

Browser Version: (IE 7 / IE 8 / IE 9 / Firefox / Google Chrome)

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Re: "An Error Occurred" when updating McAfee


Here is the version info, thanks

I use the Windows Firewall, I have IE9, Firefox, and Chrome. I primarily use Firefox.

Windows 7
cable internet

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Re: "An Error Occurred" when updating McAfee

The problem seems to continue.

I just did an update. It checks for update, it downloads an update. It skips actually installing and says it installs

I try to update again, and it does the same thing

I click on about and the screen that shows up is the same as the one I showed above.

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Re: "An Error Occurred" when updating McAfee

I have not recently got "An Error Occured" message and the DAT is updating fine when the newest DAT is released (though lazy McAfee sure took their sweet time today releasing DAT 6749).  How ever, every time I check for updates and McAfee should quickly check and say No Updates Found, McAfee instead stupidly pretends it is Downloading updates (though the Downloading always stays at 0% complete because there is nothing available to Download) and then gives me a false "Updates Installed Successfully" message when nothing was installed and the installing stage was skipped because nothing was actually downloaded since everything is already up to date.  The McAfee went back to updating normally for many hours yesterday, but then resumed being garbage on the updating today for no apparent reason as well as it started giving me problems with my subscription verification, which may be related to the update checking problem.  This is totally a server problem on the McAfee end and not a virus, threat, computer, nor product issue and I have been and will continue to be on top of McAfee until McAfee fixes this or I have to drop McAfee for another security provide.

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