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prompted to 'Fix', could not, asked to reinstall

Today, 17 March 2010, I turned on the computer;  McAfee updated itself and then prompted me to Fix it.  I was not completely protected in E-mail and IM.  I clicked Fix but was told I needed to reinstall the program.  I didn't really believe that and simply rebooted.  After the reboot everything was fine.

I'm sure someone might have actually gone through the process of reinstalling McAfee.  It's been a while since I've had this issue.  Can I assume there is a problem with the E-mail \ IM update portion of McAfee?

Just passing this on.  All the best, Dave Horne - The Netherlands

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Re: prompted to 'Fix', could not, asked to reinstall

Hi dave,

Could you please click on Email an IM and post me with the error message that would be displayed below the FIX button so that we could proceed further.
Also along with your next post provide certain basic information about the computer like :

What is the computer operating system ?
Open security center and click about and provide the version of antispam .
Do you have any other security software installed in the computer ?

Dinesh K

Re: prompted to 'Fix', could not, asked to reinstall

Dinz, while I appreciate your reply, I have the feeling you did not read my post since I stated ... after I rebooted, everything was fine.

All the best, Dave Horne - The Netherlands

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