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need help unblocking a website

Ok so i've been using mcafee for years now but i've recently encountered a problem.  A message popped up on the bottom right hand corner of my computer asking me if I wanted to allow something to be givin access to my internet/computer, since i didn't know what it was and it just said a bunch of random letters and numbers I clicked block.  Little did I know it was a website that I go to frequently and now have to use annoying unblocking website to get around the firewall to access the site.  I've already tried restoring my firewalls settings to default and it's stil blocked.  PLEASE HELP ME, also let me remind everyone its a website that is blocked not a program and If when that message popped up if it would of said anything remotely relavent to the website I never would of blocked it, but it didn't. THANKS

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Re: need help unblocking a website

Is it netguard that is blocking it or do you have family protection installed as well?

Netguard is in Web and email protection / firewall/netguard. See if the site is in the list there also disable it and see if you can access site.. If not could be family protection feature.