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mcshield.exe consuming all cpu time

When I start my Windows Vista laptop or it comes out of standby the CPU time runs at or near 100% for an hour or two. mcshield.exe shows as the top or 2nd top process in Task Manager  and this appears to be consuming all the cpu. I believe this is the McAfee virus scanner. My system is extremely slow while this is happening. Eventually after an hour or more the CPU usage drops to a more usual figure, and mcshield.exe stops consuming much resource. I had this problem with McAfee 2010 so I purchased McAfee Total Protection 2011 but still have the same problem. I see online that I am not alone,but can't find a solution. I would be incredibly grateful for some help.

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Re: mcshield.exe consuming all cpu time

Hi Andyu,

Please let us know some of the below information on your PC;

Did you previously have any other virus scanners on the PC.

Do you have a network printer connected ?

Please check for available windows updates and install the same.

Let us know the version of McAfee ;

Virus scan :

Engine version :

DAT version :


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Re: mcshield.exe consuming all cpu time

I have only ever had McAfee on this machine

I do have a network printer. It is an HP Photosmart B110.  I have tried with it turned off and still get the problem.

All windows updates are installed and up to date

I have completely reinstalled McAfee Total Proteciton twice to make sure it is up to date.

The Virus Scan says it is


  Build: 15.0.291

  Last Update: 09/08/2011

  DAT Version : 6432

  Engine Version: 5400.1158

Thank you for your concern.

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Re: mcshield.exe consuming all cpu time

Just to point out that this problem has been outstanding since at least August 6th. I reported to McAfee support, and since then Mcafee support have been remote accessing my machine nearly every day, often for an hour or more, one day for four hours. Last night they were on for an hour and a half. In that time they have reinstalled McAfee Total Protection several times, disabled various windows updates, with the net result that I have spent many hours online with them. Every day they promise that it will be fixed tomorrow; when tomorrow comes they can't fix it.

One of the McAfee technicians uninstalled some windows updates. Now my machine has windows updates that won't install. Last night a McAfee technician attempted to repair this, and crashed my machine to blue screen. He has made it worse. Now I have 3 windows important updates that won't install, and I still have the mcchield.exe problem. For  a long time after startup my cpu time runs at 100% with mcshield.exe at the top of the usage. This happens with real time scanning and scheduled scanning turned off.

The support I have received from McAfee has been extensive, but inadequate and I feel that the technicians are just going round the same uninstall - install - I'll phone you back loop.

I have lost a lot of valuable time, not to mention money. The product does not perform adequately.

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Re: mcshield.exe consuming all cpu time

Well after several more 1 or 2 hour telephone sessions with McAfee level 2.5 support the problem persists, and is now also on a Windows 7 machine I own.

So yesterday I junked McAfee and bought Norton 360 V5.0

Now I have my cpu back - the wretched mcshield.exe is no longer hogging it -  my laptop runs fast, and Norton has a much nicer UI as well.

(McAfee Service Request Number:484570-725448553, should anyone care.)

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