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mcafee update

the auto update is activated on my total protection mcafee but it is not updating when supposed to .For exemple it set a time for update but never do it.As a result when i run the tool repair i always have problems detected one of them being dat out of date.How can i fix this ?

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Re: mcafee update

Hi jeanluc69s!

     Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with updating.  Until a Moderator and some of our more knowledgeable forum members can arrive to review your post, would you please be so kind as to provide the following information to help better assist you:

- Your computer's operating system.

- What version of McAfee Total Protection you are using & what .dat version do you have?

- Name(s) of any other computer security software you are using (such as an antimalware program)

- Are you getting any other error messages?

- Have you tried updating manually, if so, what were the results?

- When you ran the McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT), what were the results (other than the dat being out of date)?

Thank you for your cooperation!

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Re: mcafee update


thanks for your help.I have windows 7,total protection version 11.0.608 and i don't know the DAT version.There was 2 problems detected,one of them i don't remember but mvt could fix it but not the DAT.I had to update total protection manually and then mvt said no problems found but the report on total protection stays on the date and time of the previous do i know then if the update is done?This is a recurrent issue and i'm forced to update manually everytime.I hope this can be fixed.

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Re: mcafee update

Thanks very much for providing the information.

At this time, I will ask you to wait at least 24 hours for a Moderator or other forum member to arrive and review the information you have provided.  If no one responds, then I will ask one of the Moderators to drop by.

Re: mcafee update

thanks i appreciate your help.

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Re: mcafee update

No need to wait that long , we are here for you even early this morning

Ok, by now you have started to do a forced upate every time , Do you recall this is something that happened lately after you changed your internet connections or  you router ???
Also, click on Security center > then click on About and let us know the below versions

McAfee Security cenrter Versions :

McAfee Virus scan Versions :

DAT : (just below virus scan)

Re: mcafee update

Hello Dinz,

security center version:11.0.608

virus scan version:15.0.291


i haven't change connections or router and what has happened recently is that following an update my total protection turned into internet security my previous protection.I had to reinstall total protection.