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mcafee update

is it normal that on an update my mcafee total protection turned into internet security the protection i had before?

i had to reinstall total protection it's the second time this occurs.

this message is for peacekeeper if available.

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Re: mcafee update

Hi Jean,

This is not the way it should occur & a small research says this could happen if your previous programs (McAfee Internet security) in some rare scenarios the newly installed products takes up the old expiration date. So , if you still have the problem ,  just run the subscription repair tool which should take care of your issue permanently .


Re: mcafee update

hello dinz,

i appreciate the rapidity of the response and i thank you for your help.I had the product fixed by the repair tool previously but it did happen.Anyway let's just wait and hope this will not happen again.

thanks again.

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