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mcafee security centre and mirc

after yesterdays update my mcafee decided too see mirc as a trojan (W32/
i know this is a false positive as i downloaded a new mirc from official website and installed it and the exe files were also quarantined
as mirc is used daily i have now had to disable real time scanning
please advise as i cannot add mirc to trusted programs list
Version 13.15
Build 13.15.113
Dat version 5861.0000
Engine version 5301.4018

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Re: mcafee security centre and mirc


the below document would help you to submit he file to mcafee labs so that they send you an extra dat file , by which if your software is non malicious it wont be quarantined by mcafee.


Dinesh K

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Re: mcafee security centre and mirc

already did that when it first happened but wasnt sure of the procedure after its sent and wasnt sure if there was anythng i could do in meantime to allow real time protection to be turned back on as mirc is running all the time my pc is on but thank you for the reply

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Re: mcafee security centre and mirc


I spent an hour yesterday in IM chat with McAffee Support with the exact same issue, it was an extremely frustrating experience as I found the same problem that I could not add Mirc to my 'trusted applications'.

I have sent the file to McAfee so hopefully more ppl will complain and McAfee will update their signatures and not identify Mirc as a virus.

I've had issues with CA doing this kind of thing, wrongly identifying apps or dll's as suspect, but haven't had a problem with McAfee before.

Does anyone know when this will be resolved as I either disable MSC or not have mirc running.

Looking forward to this being resolved promptly.



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