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mcafee complete fail        you guys have alot of work to this point it looks like im going to comodo because it has sandbox if u guys dont know what sandbox is i suggest u go read about it.....u guys are complete costs alot of money for mcfaee...hell norton is even better then mcfaee....comodo im going to switch to it...mcfaee sucks im sorry but u guys dont know how to protect a PC!

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Re: mcafee complete fail

Moved to SecurityCenter.

McAfee along with Norton and the rest rebox their current product around this time of year in preparation for the release of their next edition WHICH HASN'T HAPPENED YET. So this is at best a major misunderstanding.

If you click 'About' you will see version 11 which is 2011. Any current subscription automatically updates to the next edition anyway. So what is being reported there is old news and is not as labelled.

We Moderators don't like this reboxing and have tried to change the idea, but without luck.  The marketing people say it's for competitive reasons and that's final.

If you have a genuine issue with the software then post more details such as your operating system and service pack, version of Internet Explorer installed (whether used ot not), installed RAM, free Hard Drive space & what is wrong.

McAfee recently increased the system requirements for their software and many people disregard that when trying it.

Before posting critiques on YouTube you or that person if it's not you, might want to ask in forums such as this if the software is, in fact, the actual next year's product or not.

As it stands the 'review' is adding to a misundertanding and can only be regarded as one person's opinion anyway.

If you came here just to 'stir the pot' then I suggest you read the Community Guidelines before going any further as I see all your posts here are along similar lines.

Note that I am not an employeee, just an unpaid volunteer here.

P.S. Yes we know what sandboxing is, just because you don't find it mentioned anywhere in the software and or help index doesn't mean the idea isn't incorporated at least partially in certain areas.

Like all software makers, McAfee strives to please everyone and in doing so there will always be some things that don't satisfy some people - that's why McAfee has a beta testing programme with a bug reporting system.  

The 2012 product should be available for public beta testing in the next few weeks.

I'm sure the same goes for Norton et alia.

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