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is it out

is the new version out and if so is it compatible with ie8 beta 2 and tea timer 16.1.i could really use something that sort works right now because everybody is releasing stuff that don,t work right.especially microsoft.
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RE: is it out

The 2009 products are out, but only on the Australian servers for now:
It wont be too long before everyone gets them through the normal updating process.

IE8 Beta 2 causes a blank Security Center screen unless you turn on the IE7 compatibility mode in IE8, which sort of defeats the purpose. It is a known issue and as McAfee has always stated that they don't guarantee anything under beta conditions, you are on your own. Personally I would wait until IE8 is final.

Teatimer (in Spybot Search & Destroy) has always been a clash with McAfee under certain circumstances and that wont change. The same goes for any application with resident protection. The only one so far that I personally have found that doesn't clash is SpywareBlaster.
For regular anti-spyware protection I would recommend it, it's free unless you want auto-updating, and SuperAntispyware, which also has similar paid extras.
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Will test the compatibility switch thing.. wonder if it does work.....
but tea timer will not work... it is too agressive in nature to block updates for even McAfee...

the normal spybot is ok but never suggestedSmiley Wink
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RE: hmm

When I said the IE7 compatibility setting may solve it, I actually didn't try it myself, but one poster stated that it worked. But if you are going to do that there's not much point in using IE8 really, is there?
That's why I'll wait until IE8 is RTM.

TeaTimer causes issues with many anti-virus applications, not just McAfee.
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