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i have the same problem

i uninstalled macafee, and tried to reinstall program.  i got as far as downloading then i get the window again  mcafee integrated security platform installer has stopped working.  i have windows 7 on my computer. i know nothing else. i have never had so much trouble trying to install anything before. please refund my money and i will go to walmart where i work and buy the disc there and try installing it.   thank you. carol

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Re: i have the same problem

Hi carol,

Please try the following steps and let us know the status ;

Click on Start – click on control panel – click Programs and features

From this window , check if you have any other security (Antivirus) program, If found uninstall the same .

Open Internet Explorer – Click on Tools – click on Windows Update and install any available update from the website .

Run the McAfee removal tool from here : and restart the PC

Run the McPreinstall tool from here :

Logon to your McAfee account : and reinstall your programs.

If you still encounter the same issues, please click on useful links at the top of this page and contact our support chat technicians they would help you get the programs installed .


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