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error when restore button clicked


when a scan is completed i can see items that have been quarantined..

but when i click restore i get an error message in a "message from webpage" dialog box

using fiefox and vista

any ideas?

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RE: error when restore button clicked

anyone able to help?

Re: RE: error when restore button clicked

I get this too, currently with 9.15, but in versions before that.

I have reinstalled McAfee, Internet Explorer, all to no avail. Tried to alter IE setting to permit scripts, etc. Installed Malwarebytes, and AdAware, neither find any rootkits.

All other menu options work, I just can't get the Restore pane to come up. Just pops up with "Message from webpage" "(!) error"

Is there any other way to restore files from quarantine than through this broken UI?



Re: error when restore button clicked

I have the same problem here.

Does anyone has a solution yet?

I used the McAfee Virtual Technician to try to fix the problem (session ID:23033760) but that didn't help.


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