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error message when scanning

I have only just installed MacAfee and I do not know what I should do about the following error message that I get from Incredimail when ever MacAfee does a scan

Exception: ACCESS_VIOLATION (C0000005) - on reading from 00000000
Faulting Offset: 0001185D
Module: ImApp.exe

0001185D ImApp.exe

Does it mean that I should configure the firewall and if so please could you tell me how I do this. Many thanks in advance.
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RE: error message when scanning

I'm not sure why that is happening and I use Incredimail Premium.

You may have inadvertently refused permission for the programs.

Double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center and then click Advanced Menu lower left. Then click Configure, then Internet & Network at upper left.
Click Advanced in the right module. Then Program Permissions on the left.

If either or both are appearing as blocked then alter them to "Full Access".

According to Incredimail help the permissions required are:

You can add any that are missing.

The above, by the way, is as per Incredimails Help section.

The only other thing I can suggest is to ensure that your Incredimail is the latest version by clicking "Help/About Incredimail XE" when Incredimail is open and select the Check for Updates button.
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Thank you !

Thank you for all that information. I followed your instructions and found that IMApp.exe and IncMail.exe were blocked so I've managed to allow full access. I couldn't find ImNotify.exe or ImpCnt.exe so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that will do the trick. I've checked that I have the latest version of Incredimail so hopefully all will now be OK. Thanks once again for going to so much trouble , it's very much appreciated.Smiley Happy
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RE: Thank you !

That probably will do the trick. Glad to help.Smiley Happy

Can I mark this solved?
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RE: Thank you !

Yes, thank you!
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