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disable outgoing email scan OE

I use outlook express. I have been advised that the outgoing scan is causing problems with another program. Is there a way to disable outgoing scans without disabling incoming scan?
Also, I have been advised that the incoming scan is not needed anyway, because the realtime scanning will catch any virus when I open the email. Is that true? Am I ok just totally disabling email scan?
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RE: disable outgoing email scan OE

It's not possible to just disable outgoing email scanning with the home products. It's all or nothing at all.

You can disable email scanning altogether but there will be warning pop-ups pretty frequently, which you wont be able to turn off.

The jury is out on email scanning. Some people regard it as an unnecessary extra protection as anything bad imported would be detected anyway once it established itself on your hard drive (hopefully), but the designers think it's best to cut it off before it takes hold I guess.
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