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can't open Security Center


I have 3 windows 8.1 laptops running running security center. Two of them have no problems at all. The third is having problems connecting to the internet both wirelessly and via a cable. I am beginning to suspect that it has something to do with the Security Center.

There is a desktop icon and one in the tray for Security Center. Neither of these do anything when you press on them. Right clicking on the tray icon brings up no menu.

When I swipe and use the search bar I get 'McAfee Central' 'MCafee Security Center' and 'McAfeeSetup'  Again, none of them do anything...

Something isn't right - any ideas what I should try please?

Many thanks


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Re: can't open Security Center

I suspect a corrupted installation may be to blame and why that would be the case is anyone's guess.

You haven't been using registry cleaners on it have you?  Those are notorious for causing this sort of thing.

I assume Internet is OK without McAfee installed so uninstall everything  McAfee via Control Panel > Programs and Features

Then run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.   Windows Defender and Windows Firewall should have kicked in at this stage to protect you.

Verify you have a working Internet connection.  If not then investigate in Device Manager. and the Network Center  You may find some useful Tutorials here:

Then retry an installation of your McAfee software from your online account, not from any CD you may have.

Note: this will disable Windows Defender & Firewall - that is normal behaviour.

A normal installation such as this should allow for the Internet connection and other processes in Windows automatically.


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