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behind the scenes - what's the status on 'Fix'?

I, like many others here, keep having to 'Fix' my computer after an update.

Is there any inside news as to when this annoyance will be resolved. I just now had to 'Fix' my computer. If this happens when my wife is on the computer I doubt if she will notice the changed icon in the system tray.

This is getting old.
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RE: behind the scenes - what's the status on 'Fix'?

In Sec. Center 9.3 "Fix" fixes it. Although that warning comes up the computer is still protected - VirusScan and Firewall ar still on but certain systemguards needs to be restarted, that's all.

In earlier editions Fix doesn't always work.....everyone should have been updated to 9.3 anyway, but unfortunately people like Comcast, AOL etc. are lagging badly in keeping up, which is beyond McAfee's control.

The next version 10 doesn't use Systemguards in the same manner so wont have the problem. It will probably enter beta testing late this summer.

Most of the action on this is in THIS thread - got to page 44 and read Tony's posts, (User name Peacekeeper).

I can't vouch for this but I believe that Comcast has complained on a corporate level, which may cause wheels to move a lot faster with a fix for the earlier editions.
Personally I'm appalled at how slowly this has been dealt with. We have reminded management constantly since this fiasco began about 1 year ago.
I think they were hoping that it would fade away by itself as people were upgraded.

It has been a difficult problem to pinpoint though as many people did not experience it at all. I, for instance, only started getting it around 10 days ago and I have SC 9.3.
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