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Would rather have a virus than Mcafee

Today was the last straw for me with Mcafee. I was writing the last half of my program for University when my computer shut everything down and restarted. Lost half my work. This isn't the first time it has happened. There is NO timer NO warning NOTHING telling me that my computer is about to shut down, other than one option asking if I want to shut down later. The first 2 times it happened I went through my computer looking for possible causes until I found out that it was Mcafee. Total and utter stupidity. Im now using this as an example in my programming class of how a program is NOT user friendly for a up-coming project. Did the people who make this even go to Uni????? This is one of the things they teach you there when learning THE BASICS of programming. Not to mention the design team behind it.

Im totally sick of this peice of crap. My brother has an 8 core CPU with 12GB of RAM and a 5TB SSD. It still takes him almost a whole day to complete a full system scan. When I use any other product to scan my PC it takes 1-2 hours at max and uses HALF (LITERALLY HALF) the resources that Mcafee does. The fact you actually have the arrogance and audacity to then ask for a subscription fee is laughable. Your website makes me think a child designed it. Apparantly Password123 is a STRONG PASSWORD HAHAHA. If i dont type in a captcha it tells me that my username can not be the same as my email adress. I didnt know "Raveo" could be an email address. These are the kind of mistakes I did back when first learning HTML/Javascript back in 2009... How long has your website been around for now?

Its no wonder you have one of the most repugnant, abhorrent, and down-right pitiful reputations in the whole industry.

PS: love your popular tags list. You know a product is good when listed in the popular tags list are things like: 2010_issues, error, help_please, issue, problem, removal, unable, uninstall, uninstalling.

on 07/11/12 5:28:25 EST AM
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Re: Would rather have a virus than Mcafee

The warning issue we mods have reported my daughter got it recently when playng an online game. Yes it does not rewarn you rather reboots. I will pass on your  comments to some who may be able to influence things.

re the scan my PC is 3 years old and top of teh line then and scans 2 1tb drives and 1 128Gb C drive in 1hr 20 mins.

Is the scan set to use minimal resources or the drives full of compressed files or large game files?

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Re: Would rather have a virus than Mcafee

Just an FYI regarding the website passwords and popular tags, they are courtesy of the board host Jive SBS and aren't controlled by McAfee.   You can alter the tags yourself to suit whatever you want them to say as you post a new thread as long as they don't break the board's Terms of Service.   Those only reflect what's already cached in the host system and new ones can always be created.

The issues you talk about are, as Tony says, ones which we are trying to get action on.


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