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Windows7, 64 bit, re-install not possible

Hi everybody,

I know there are quite some threads about installing problems of SC. I tried the offered solutions, but at the end the installation always failed.


McAfee Control center did not show up, when clicking on it. So we wanted to reinstall the software

After un-installing McAfee, running MCRP.exe, we tried to install from CD. Install package was downloaded, started, checked the system, started installation of componets and and broke / failed.

The system is Windows 7, 64bit.

We tried:

- ensure IE8 32 bit was used

- IE8 advanced settings were reset

- logged on McAfee site and directly downloaded DMSetup.exe.

- used VirtualTechnician : nothing found.

- chatted with McAfee support (Vladimir), followed his advices, and sent him the final error screen - no response

   he advised following steps: deactivate UAC, MCPR, McPreInstall, logon to Website with IE and downlad dmsetup.

Do you have any other idea for us ?

thanks in advance,


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Re: Windows7, 64 bit, re-install not possible

Hi again.

just an update:

A McAfee technician connected from remote to the machine, but problem could not be solved. Complete Reinstall Windows7 could help ;-(

Solution: Installed Kaspersky.

it's a pity ...

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