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Windows security center

My windows vista's windows security center show "VIRUS PROTECTION: Windows did not find antivirus software in this computer"??
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RE: Windows security center

First make sure Vista is totally up to date. It should be at SP2 by now and make sure both critical and non-critical updates are installed. There's help with that here:

Step 1 Go to Safe Mode (may be with networking) Click on Windows (Start) button and in start search box type in services.msc and then in menu right click on services and click on "Run as administrator"

Step 2. Double click on "Windows Management Instrumentation" and click on STOP button and stop this service

Step 3 Go to c:\windows\system32\wbem\repository and rename the repository folder (if Vista on a different lettered partition alter that accordingly)

Step 4. Then go to "Windows Management Instrumentation" and click on START button and start this service

Step 5 Restart the computer and issue will be resolved
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