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Windows XP

I have a subscription to Security Center running on an old XP machine that will expire in a few days. If I attempt to renew the subscription, does anyone know what will happen? For the last 2 years the machine has been regularly downloading virus updates and running scans with no problems. But if I renew the subscription, I am concerned that the software will be upgraded to a version that will not function on XP. I am assuming that newer software versions do not formally support XP.

The machine cannot be upgraded to any newer version of Windows (Dell Dimension 9100), and is used to run legacy software that cannot be moved to a newer machine. It is not used for general internet access - it is used only to communicate with a single web site. No other connections are allowed. 

This situation has resulted from the fact that McAfee sold me a multiyear subscription a couple of years ago. The installed software is happily asking me to renew with no indication that there could be a problem. I would rather not spend money on a renewal if it will only lead to a nonfunctioning machine and a nightmare of uninstalls and refunds.

Thanks for any answers.

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Re: Windows XP

Hello citrus

You can renew the McAfee subscription on your XP machine and the product will continue to function as it is now. It is true that the latest version of McAfee does not support XP, but the product on your machine will not get updated to the latest version; however, it will update the virus definitios as usual. In simple words, you need not worry about McAfee not working on your machien after renewal.