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Windows 7 64 bit installation issues

The first attempt to install virus scan plus gave no options and installed in C:/program files even though I don't think its a 64 bit application.  It seemed to run but I had a firewall problem so I went to the security centre GUI and selected Firewall settings.  Firewall settings told me the firewall was OFF but the home page tells me its ON and all is fine.

Downloaded virtual technician and ran it---it told me I had no product installed that it could scan.

Tried the online chat support--must have been tier zero since they didn't even understand the question.

Having removed all traces of McAfee  and reinstalled I now find bits of McAfee installed in the C:/program files AND some in C:/program files(x86)??  yes there have been numerous restarts in between.

So when DMsetup runs in this 64 bit environment. Where is the default location it installs and should there be any McAfee stuff in the 64 bit C:/program files folder?

It works at present but I'm suspicious

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Re: Windows 7 64 bit installation issues

In a 64-bit system you will find installation files mainly in Program Files but some will also go into Program Files (x86), so that's not ususual.  (2 folders in each, McAfee and

Don't try to alter the default installation direction, in fact I don't think you can anyway.

It's also not unusual for MVT not to find anything if you obtain McAfee from a 3rd party supplier who has tailored it to suit them, such as your ISP, or PC makers like Dell for instance.

Also in Windows 7 you shouldn't concern yourself with what Windows Security Center says about Firewall and Virus Protection as McAfee (& most other security software makers likewise if you were using them) now control that.

What isn't usual is that 'numerous restarts' which I hope were instigated by you and not the software.

It's possible that if you had previous versions installed that some corruption could have occurred in which case uninstall in the normal manner via

Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program, reboot if asked to then run the MCPR Removal Tool,

downloadable through 'Useful Links' at the top of this page, reboot and reinstall from your online account page.

(Using that account rather than installation media always assures the latest version is installed).

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