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Why is there much less "total items scanned" since mcafee last update?

I have been using mcafee internet security for about 3 years. everytime mcafee does a major update something always seems to go wrong!!

i now have 2 issues

- mcafee scheduled scan used to scan about 336000 items per scan. now, since the last update, mcafee now only scans about 171000 items per scheduled scan. is this normal.......or is this an issue that only i am having? what has happened to the other 165000 items? i have contacted mcafee on 2 occassions about this and they do not know what i am talking about!!!!!

- a full scheduled scan used to take about 90 min, now it takes about 7 hours!!!

can any of you good people out there help me or give me some advise as to enable me to sort this out plllllleeaassse!......especially the fact that somehow 165000 items have dissappeared!

3 Jan 2012

Please help me with this question concerning the missing 165000 items- please folks! I am not too computer savvy. I do remember that after the update, Shredder was set at "let me choose" as default. Am I correct in assuming that I could have deleted items that were included in the vista home premium package? I did a full scheduled scan again today and instead of showing about 336000 items scanned it shows 171107 items scanned. PLEASE HELP> Or maybe this is a stupid question!

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