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Why couldn't I download Mcafee Total Security from my registered Account?

Mcafee came with my Dell Desktop. I've been using it for past 2 and a half years with no problem. But then accidently, I removed Mcafee from my system 3 days back.. Since it expires only on 27-feb-2013,I logged in to my account and downloaded initial installation details files(which is about 4 MB), But then,  when I ran the .exe file, It was taking forever to download, I mean It was running for more than 6 hours and whenever it reached about 50MB of download( of the total size of 178MB) it simply rolled back to 0Mb and this entire process repeated about 3-4 times( which explains Why I let it run for 6 hours), So then I cancelled the download and contacted Mcafee consumer care for a full refund( since my software got automatically renewed for another year only a week back), I  got a mail assuring me that there'll be a full refund. That's not the problem. I'm pretty sure I'll get my money back.

But Can anyone explain why I was not able to download my software at all? I like Mcafee and I'm not confident with the currently running Microsoft Security Essentials..

I've ordered a CD (hoping that the problem associated with downloading won't be present. But I still have to run the update after installation..)

My internet speed is 256kbps and downloads about 25 KB/s & so yeah ,it's slow.. But it's the case with most places in my country.

& I don't think it has anything to do with Net speed..

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Re: Why couldn't I download Mcafee Total Security from my registered Account?

Sorry you had a bad experience with the downloading of McAfee software.  I can't offer any concrete reason why it happened but can only surmise that for some reason the connection reset itself, which can happen for various reasons.

Yes you will receive a refund as that is part of the terms of sale.

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