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Where are the log files?

How do I clear the logs? Such as internet detection, email, system. Some times it relates to private information and I don't want it in the logs. I can't find a wipe or clear function, nor can I find any files that look like logs. How can I clear my logs?

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RE: Where are the log files?

I believe the logs are pruned automatically at 14 days - anything older is wiped. I don't think there's a way to clear the logs manually.
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Re: RE: Where are the log files?

someone else has said entries older than 30 days are pruned.

i'm thinking there should be a manual way to clear at least one of the logs:  on one of my XP systems, i have the log file

04/30/2012  09:22 AM     1,103,865,856 {D7FB805D-8827-4A38-8241-340B5D18D9F7}.log

this file was manually reset (safe mode and copy con "{D7FB805D-8827-4A38-8241-340B5D18D9F7}.log"  CTRL-Z Enter) only two days ago.  it was 9GB (!!!) before the manual reset and the system was showing the effects.

at the very least there should be a way to request an upper bound on these SQLite-based log files.

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Re: RE: Where are the log files?

Duplicate post tacked onto a very old thread. This thread is now locked.

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