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Web Filtering Stops Working on Reboot

I have web filtering set up on my daughter's PC. She has a Limited user account and I have an administrator account on the PC. I set up web filtering to only allow specific web sites on her PC through Sec. Cent. 9.0. The PC is running MS Vista HP SP1.

Everything works fine when I switch over to her account. The problem is, web filtering is being ignored on her computer after a reboot. If I switch over to the admin account and check the settings, NOTHING has changed. When I go back to her account (without rebooting; just logging off), web filtering is working again. I didn't change ANYTHING! Another reboot and presto, NO web filtering.

Can anybody help me out. This is also happening on another PC running MS Vista Home Basic SP1. Thanks,

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RE: Web Filtering Stops Working on Reboot

Please clarify,

Did you have any other protection software installed in the computer?
Please try to create a New User account in the windows (with limited access)and try to configure the Parental control setting for the user and restart the computer
Try to disable all the startup program from the system configuration utility [Run (win key + R)- Msconfig-startup tab disable all the startup program ]
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