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Web Browsers do not work when I have McAfee Security Center installed

I am having issues with my web browser when I have McAfee Security Center installed that I hope someone can help me with. When I open IE or Firefox, it takes an EXTREMELY long time to open a web page (about an hour).

When I open a web browser in IE, it hangs at "connecting" for about 20-25 minutes. It then moves to "waiting for http://(whateverwebsite)" for another 20-25 minutes. Then it displays the website, but hangs for another 15-20 minutes. When I open a web page in Firefox, nothing happens at all.

I know there is nothing wrong with my Internet connection because I can still download updates at a normal speed and I have a couple of online games I can still play normally. I can also still access the Internet fine on other computers. The only issue is with the web browsers on my laptop.

My web browsers were working fine last night and the only change I have made was downloading McAfee. Since installing McAfee was the only change I had made, I uninstalled it and my web browsers worked fine. I reinstalled McAfee and the web browsers stopped working again. I did this four times and I gathered the same results. I DEFINITELY know it is an issue with McAfee Security Center since this issue only happens when it is installed. The questions is: how do I fix it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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RE: Web Browsers do not work when I have McAfee Security Center installed

please confirm the following;

What is the operating system you use in the computer?
Do you have any other antivirus software’s installed ?
Open security center , click about (to right bottom corner)& let me know the versions of personal firewall & siteadvisor installed .

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