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Vitual technician says nothing there

Hello experts -
I have Mcafee SC 9, VS 13.0,PFW 10.0,SA 2.8, ENw 3.0, all latest builds of last week, via the provider. Problem I have is that when starting up, McAfee seems to be searching the entire web for updates. Takes 7 minutes every time, completely laming the system.
After that, is says all has been updated.
I went to the support site and ran Virtual technician several times, also after completely reinstalling. It finds NOTHING - says I have no McAfee products on my machine and would I please buy some.
I have to run my Virtual friend before any support is given, so I'm stuck. My provider (XSall in NL) says the versions are licenced.

What....could be wrong with the Virtual plumber and what could be wrong with McAfee downloading every time?
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RE: Vitual technician says nothing there

Sometimes the Virtual Technician will not find any qualified products when a) you are behind a router and/or b) they are provided by your ISP who has probably modified them in some way.

You can reach Technical Support Chat without using the Virtual Technician by clicking the link in my signature.

It may be the best thing to do in this case as they can escalate the process much better than we can here.
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