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Vista SP1 Security Center and McAfee


When I boot my Vista SP1 and go to security center, McAfee dont appears, firewall and mallware protection are in red, McAfee only appears about 2 minutes after and when it load, in firewall item, instead : McAfee Firewall or McAfee Total protection, appears : McAfee Virusscan !

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RE: Vista SP1 Security Center and McAfee

1. From the Taskbar, click Start
2. Click Run
3. Type command
4. Click OK
5. A window with a black background appears
6. Type net stop winmgmt
7. Press the Enter key
8. Type CD\
9. Press the Enter key on your keyboard
10. Type cd %windir%\system32\wbem
11. Press the Enterkey
12. Type ren repository repository.old
13. Press the Enter key
14. Type net start winmgmt
15. Press the Enter key

In case of Vista run the command prompt as the administrator
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Vista SP1 Security Center and McAfee

No, not result, it's everythingin the same after making the described procedures, McAfee delays to enter in security center, until there both item, are red (Firewall and malware protection).

Thanks anyway
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Same Problem

I am having the same a problem.
A storm came through the other night and loused some stuff up.
To fix, I re-installed SC only not it will not fully protect my system. It ran fine before.

I think I am going to have re-install in Vista.
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