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VirusScan/Updates Fail, "Computer Not Protected" - A Continuing Problem

Before you even ask:

Yes, I have reinstalled McAfee many, many times.
Yes, I ran McAfee Virtual Technician.
Yes, I ran the MSCPRXFIX.
Yes, I talked to customer service.
Yes, I used the tool that customer service gave me to completely erase the program from my computer and then proceeded to download/reinstall from the internet.

I have a DSL connection. I have no Spyware, Adware, Worms or viruses infecting my computer. I am running Windows XP which is routinely updated. The date/time of my computer is correct and there is nothing barring McAfee access to its main server.

Now, to the problem:

McAfee does its usual thing of checking for updates. I then get a little banner (if I hover over the Security Centre icon) which tells me that these updates are "DOWNLOADING".



I watch as the percentage point goes ever higher, until eventually it hits 100% and proceeds to:


Only, by now I'm sure you can guess, that the installation never finishes. I get a lovely little box which tells me that there's been an "UPDATE ERROR. REINSTALL MCAFEE 3-USER TOTAL PROTECTION".

This happens on a regular basis.

Ever since I purchased my McAfee Program (3-User Total Protection) last December from the website, I have been having this problem. Once a month, maybe once every two, I get a cheery orange exclamation mark over my Security Suite icon (indicating that, of course, my registry files are between 8 and 29 days old).

As I might have mentioned, I would do as I was told and reinstall the McAfee program - which would appear at first to have worked, for everything would be running smoothly for a week or so before the UPDATE ERROR message would sound.

Now, it used to be that if I left everything well enough along the problem would work itself out.

The last time this happened to me, on 30 August, I talked to Customer Service. At the end of this chat (during which I was told that the reason for my problems boils down to McAfee not connecting with the McAfee server on my computer (which is queer, seeing as how 99.99% of the updates are downloaded and installed without a hitch, but the error is in installing just this single update for VirusScan)) - I was given the tool to completely remove all of McAfee from my computer. While I had to receive the tool twice (because the first removal was incomplete), I eventually was able to get rid of the programing absolutely.

I then went over to my account and downloaded my 3-User Total Protection program from the McAfee website.

Everything was going perfectly - the updates downloading and installing correctly - until Friday, 4 September.

Nothing works. I am frustrated beyond what words can tell.

Never again am I purchasing McAfee from the internet. While it might have been twice the price, every program I ever bought from the store went 365 days without a single problem.

Heck, if Norton wasn't so atrocious, I would never buy McAfee again.
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RE: VirusScan/Updates Fail, "Computer Not Protected" - A Continuing Problem


Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, Please clarify
Did you have any issue with internet connection?
Tried to ping the (Start-run-CMD-ping
Do we have any security software installed in the system if yes please uninstall the product through the Add and remove program?
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RE: VirusScan/Updates Fail, "Computer Not Protected" - A Continuing Problem

Thank you for replying, BalaSGS.

In response to your questions:

I do not have any issues with my internet connection (the updates download fully, but they do not install correctly).

The Ping: "PACKETS: SENT = 4, RECEIVED = 4, LOST = 0 (0% LOSS)

I do not have any other security software on my computer.
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RE: VirusScan/Updates Fail, "Computer Not Protected" - A Continuing Problem

looks as if you have a proxy setup or a non-compatible application is the machine that seems to be blocking the path to the download..

Could you tell us if this machine came pre-installed with any security application?

What is the make of the machine..
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RE: VirusScan/Updates Fail, "Computer Not Protected" - A Continuing Problem

(I apologise for whatever possible tone all of this bolding might insinuate, but you must understand that I am almost completely fed up with your product).

The updates download into the computer! The updates do not install.

I've checked the proxy - there is nothing to block the installation of the McAfee updates.

The only security device installed into this computer is the Windows XP firewall which has not ever, in my three previous years of using McAfee, been a problem before.

Again: McAfee connects with its home server. McAfee checks for updates. McAfee receives these updates and successfully downloads these updates.

The updates do not install.

I've had this problem with the 2009 3-User Total Protection more times than I'd like to count. 99.99% of the time there is not one problem with the updates - but once a month, once every two, the update for the VirusScan runs into a glitch.

This is the only time I've actually attempted to get help with Tech Support because typically, the problem would correct itself in a few days.

Is it possible that some GS-1 inverted two numbers in the line of code for this update? It seems as though a lot of other people are having this problem as well.

I don't know what is going on. I've done everything you people have told me to do.

It's the updates (which download correctly) that do not install.
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