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Virtual Technician: "Expected File not Present"

Hopefully I've posted this in the right place.  I've a couple of problems (see below) so ran Virtual Technician and got this message:

Expected File not Present
File: C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\SystemCore\mfehidk_messages.dll

Typically for this type of diagnostic programme, Virtual Technician offered me no solutions and no advice and only directed me to one resource which might help: McAfee Virtual Technician.  As far as I can see, the help pages contain no help relating to this error message.  Anyone know what this means and how I can fix it?

I've got two problems which led me to use VT:

1. Last year I bought Total Protection 2009 (three licenses). When it came to renewal for 2010, instead of renewing Total Protection I instead bought AntiVirus Plus 2010 (single licence). When I installed AV Plus, I was told in a popup message that existing software would be removed and my subscriptions updated. However, when I click on subscriptions in Security Centre, I see the following

Status: Active
Expires on: 28.02.2010
Licences: 3

Today is of course 3 March, so why am I still seeing what clearly is the supposedly uninstalled Total Protection 2009 details with an expired subscription, when I installed AV Plus 2010 on 26.02.2010?

2. Ever since installing AV Plus 2010 I have experienced major problems with Internet Explorer 8. If I click on a link, it can take from one to five minutes to open the page. 25% of pages fail to load at all. Only about 10% open in what I would call normal speed. Sometimes, if I find I am waiting ages for a page to load, I copy the link, close IE8, open a new session, paste in the link and the page I want opens instantaneously. I never experienced this a single time until I loaded AV Plus 2010.  (Note: My broadband speed test said 9808 Kbps.)


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Re: Virtual Technician: "Expected File not Present"

Most likely you still have remnants of the old software that did not remove when you installed the new software. I would recommend uninstalling via Add/Remove programs and reboot the computer. McAfee has a removal tool MCPR that cleans up any remnants remaining and can be found under Useful Links at the top of this page. I recommend you run this and reboot again.. Please ensure your date and clock are correct and you are up to date with any windows critical updates. Log in to your account at Mcafee and download and install your software. If you still have problems then contact Customer Service and or Technical Support Chat both of which are free.