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Virtual Technician - Missing Files

I ran the MVT and had 8 problems, only could fix one, and now I have 7 missing files. I uninstalled through programs and used the MCPR tool to totally remove it, Reinstalled and same thing. Used to work just fine. :confused:

Do I have anything to worry about or is this commin with ATT and McAfee? Sometimes the windows security center doesn't recognize my anti-virus, but if I reboot it does.

McAfee shows I'm protected and everything is active. I am running Vista Premium.

Thanks in Advance. :cool:
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Level 11

RE: Virtual Technician - Missing Files

Please do not worry about the message on the Virtual Technician. It seems that its generating an in correct message ... As long as the protection status if yes you won't ahve to worry about it.

The issue with McAfee Virtual Technician will be resolved as soon as possible .
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Re: RE: Virtual Technician - Missing Files

I have new security suite version 3.2- just received fix- when I ran virtual tech- I also received a message incorrect file or file missing-I posted this in the discussion on security 10 -I guess it has not been fixed as yet? look at my logs I have entered. Thanks

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