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Viewing Virus Scan Results??

I run a full Virus Scan of my system every week. However, after it finishes, it pops up a message stating that the scan is complete. I believe there is a View Details button there, but when I put my mouse cursor over it, all I get is an hour glass. After a few seconds, the message fades out all-together. I then go try to view the results in the McAfee interface somewhere, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. To me, the logical place to find the results of the last scan would be the log, so I go to Reports & Logs, and the scan isn't even listed under the Recent Events list! I would think that I could go to the scan and also see the results there, but no-go.

Finally, on the Reports & Logs screen, I noticed the View Log button. I clicked that, and see that a scan was indeed ran on 11/10, and I can see the results of that scan. But, I had to do some digging to find it. Such seems to be the case in general with this interface.

My main question is this. When it finishes a scan, how can I keep the "I'm finished" message from going away? I would like to see the results of the scan whether it found viruses or not, but if it didn't find any viruses, I have to go digging for the results.

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RE: Viewing Virus Scan Results??

Hi Jesse,

We don’t have any option to keep this window in fading out, because it’s just an informational alert for the user to know that the scanning is over.

However, as you have mentioned above, you have click on Reports & Logs and view the complete summary of the scan.