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Verify Your Subscription Now

Hi all,

Every so often, I get a request to "Verify your Subscription Now". When I check, I can see that my computer & files as well as e-mail and IM indicates that Action is required. I have a few questions about this.

1. How often should I expect to be requested to verify my subscription?

2. What is disabled until I verify my subscription?

3. Why does it not automatically verify its subscription?

Thanks for your help.

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RE: Verify Your Subscription Now

This could have due to many factors.. to put it simply the McAfee installed on the machine is not able to match/update its data base with that on the server for the subscription.

did you have any other McAfee subscription earlier?
if yes how was it removed? Does it still reflect under your account?

please post details of the operating system RAM... service packs.
Internet explorer version.
any other security application ( even if it was removed from the machine)
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