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Upgrading vista to win 7 & mcafee subscriptions

I am attempting to upgrade my computer from Microsoft Vista to Windows 7.  The computer has McAfee Internet Security 2010 installed.  I understand that during the upgrade I have to turn off - or is it uninstall? - McAfee because it may interfere with the installation.   What should I do to preserve the McAfee subscription and facilitate the Vista to Win 7 installation?

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Re: Upgrading vista to win 7 & mcafee subscriptions

As This FAQ says if you have higher than 9.11 on your PC there is no issue upgrading with Mcafee installed.

Personally I would uninstall via the removal tool reboot installing windows 7 then reinstall. I feel that though a tad overboard is better. You must ensure you can access your account before removing Mcafee.

This is my personal opinion.. Of course some vista /win 7 upgrades backup the whole of the vista partition so you need to reinstall anyway which is what happened to me.

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