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Upgrading Dell installed software with retail box

I purchased a Dell laptop three years ago, and with it came an 18 month McAfee security suite subscription. Now that the subscription is running out, McAfee wants about $40 to renew for a year. I can purchase Total Protection 2009 at Amazon for $25. If I go that route, how do I proceed?

Do I need to uninstall what's on my computer and then reinstall the new software, or can I just somehow renew for the year without going through that hassle?

Thanks in advance.
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RE: Upgrading Dell installed software with retail box

First enable Windows Firewall to give you some protection during the process.

Uninstall via the Control Panel in the normal manner.

Run the MCPR removal tool linked in my signature.

Reboot and install the new suite.

You will have to then register as a new customer as your Dell account will no longer apply. I suggest using a different email address if possible.
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