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Dear Members,

first let me apologize for any inconvenience or picking up a topic answered before (at last, i didn't find it...)

I got a Sony Vaio with the McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 installed on it (as an trial version).
I bought the MIS and made it to a "full version". It automatically upgraded to Version 9.0 via auto-updates.

Last Saturday i had to reset my Laptop and reinstall my windows. My McAfee Internet Security Suite updated all my virus definitons ("no more updates available"), but didn't upgrade to version 9.xx .

Any ideas? Maybe any connex to the trial version?
I already logged in in "my account".

thank you in advance,

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RE: Upgrade

Did you install the McAfee from your account or you found that the McAfee was installed when you re-installed the operating system?( if the second scenario is true you may need to remove the current installation reboot the machine and then log into the McAfee website and then into your account and download it from there directly.)
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RE: Upgrade

Second thing.

Is there any possibility to upgrade without uninstalling and installing the whole thing?

It already updated to the 9.xx version before, maybe it upgrades after the trial version ends.

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RE: Upgrade

Always better to uninstall any trial versions or previous versions before installing any new software. See this document for detailed information: How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee consumer products using the McAfee Consumer Products ....
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