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Updates Shut Off Protection, redux

Just curious:
Might it be that Mcafee is not aware that when updates occur
that functions get turned off in McAfee Total Protection and not restarted?
No offense intended but having McAfee services mysteriously shut down does not inspire confidence.
I do not know which update causes this... I believe Virus definitions update does this occasionally, as does, usually, major or collective updates .
It is usually the two: Computer and Files services and Email/IM services that need
to be "Fixed".
I think this is a separate issue from the mystery that turns System Guard off.

Thanks for any referral or feedback

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RE: Updates Shut Off Protection, redux


Please clarify/follow the below steps.

1. What is the operating system? Is it Windows Xpnull or Vista?

2. Open Mcafee Security Center & check what is the exact message that is displayed on the right pane of computer & files & Internet & Network.

3. Check the system date & time.

4. Check for older version of Mcafee i.e.(if you have any other Mcafee program except Mcafee security center),If found remove the same.
5. Check for other security software, have detailed information of other security software go to the link & remove if anything found. Restart the computer & then try to update.
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RE: Updates Shut Off Protection, redux

I guess we are proceeding with this issue on our other thread.
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