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Updates Not Installing

I don't think my McAfee Security Center 12.8(Virus Scan 16.8) has updated in like 2 days. I've released/renewed my IP address and tried flushing DNS. After rebooting several times, I run MVT and the same Top Issue keeps coming up on the detailed log:

Top Issue:  Proxy Server Settings Incorrect

Top Issue:  McAfee Updates are available. The update will be started in the background, and may take 10 minutes to complete. To verify the update completed, run MVT again after this time.

Top Issue:  mfencbdc driver settings Incorrect

Top Issue:  Real-time scanning is off. Note: You may see a pop-up window appear while MVT resolves the issue. Do not close this window; it will close automatically upon completion.

Can someone assist me here.

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Re: Updates Not Installing

If, after running MVT again, it's still acting up I would do the following:

Uninstall everything McAfee in Cintrol Panel > Programs

Run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.

Reinstall from the online account.

Also ensure Windows is totally up to date including ALL browsers and their add-ons.   McAfee relies on Internet Explorer for functionality so make sure it is up to date too even if you don't use it.


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