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Update vs turning off computer

I have Total Protection 2009, in case this isn't in the right Forum.

Apparently, the minimum requirements should have added "either High-Speed or 24/7 connection." I have dialup. McAfee is on my "backup" computer, which is WinXP and is off between MS updates (manual) every month or so. After MS is updated, I turn the computer off, turn off the power strip, and unplug from the stove - I doubt it is in much danger from viruses. (The Win2K is another subject, but after this experience McAfee isn't getting any closer to it than sitting in a box beside the monitor.)

Apparently, McAfee starts from the top each time since I've never given it the 3-4 hours it seems to need to finish downloading the AV updates. It hasn't even got the courtesy to say the size of what it's trying to download. At leat Sgt. Norton gave me options about different downloads, and I could pick off the small ones, then come back another time and do the big ones one-by-one.

At this point, it is looking like it will NOT be updated before expiring July 1st, unless we have a horrificly cold night and I figure I'd like the WinXP (2.4MHz) to run for a few hours to warm things up.

Any alternatives?

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