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Update problem?


I have tried to update manually  McAfee Virus Scan (and all Security Center) and I had no response: a long running "research update" and "download updat"e and then a message: failure in update, check your connexion or try later or something like that in french...

Server problem?



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Re: Update problem?

Maybe there's something wonky (or late) about today's DAT?

I am still running my OEM "2009" versions of MSC (haven't gotten the 2010 versions yet, and NOT looking forward to it, what with all the Win7 x64 issues), but I assume the DAT files for both software versions would be the same.

Despite the fact that the computer was started up 3 hours ago when I got home from work, I have not yet received my alert about available updates.  (My updater is set to NOTIFY, not to install silently.)

DAT files are normally available on my US servers around 1 or 2 PM and certainly by 6 PM local time at the latest, and it's now after 7 PM.

I still have DAT 6033 (date 7/4/2010), and YES, "I am protected".  And, NO, I am not panicking.

And, No, I haven't yet tried a manual update, since I prefer to wait a while to make sure it's not a "bad" DAT, given that others are having issues with the process.

Perhaps it's just one of those "late" DAT files, what with the holiday in the US?

Gonna sit tight here for now.

Hopefully, someone with the inside scoop will post with some more detailed info....



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Re: Update problem?

MoxieMomma. not too sure how those extra carriage returns got in there either, but I went into the control panel and I have edited them all out for you.

If it goes wonky again let me know via private message or post a new thread HERE.

I have only just received today's update and I went looking for it by right-clicking  the taskbar icon and selecting updates.

Different areas' servers get them at different times by design so as not to overload things.

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Re: Update problem?


yesterday, when I wrote the post upper, the problem was that when I tried to do a manually update (by the interface or by right click on the red M near the clock), I could not see the blue little circle turning on this M.

On the interface McAffe, I had the black wheel turning at the first step (search of update) bud not the blue circle down. And then at the second step (download) it turned a long time then stoped!

I tried to re-start the computer: same problem.

I had the idea to do a restauration to sunday: after this, all was running perfectly, I have obtained manually DAT 6034!

And now I have the little blue circle back when I search updates.

A full scan with 6034 is perfectly clean.

I have no explanation and I'll wait tonight and see if DAT 6035  comes automatically...


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