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Update from 2009 to 2010 causes DWWIN.EXE problem at shutdown

I have Windows XP, and I did have McAfee Internet Security 2009.  McAfee did an "update" a few weeks ago, and I ended up with a "few" problems.  The McSvHost problem at shutdown seems to be fixed with the latest update, but there is another problem shutdown problem that existed along with the McSvHost problem.

At shutdown, a quick message shows up that says DWWIN.EXE failed to initialize or something like that.  There is also a sound warning that comes out of my speakers.  This message does not have the time delay like the McSvHost problem, so it is easy to miss.  If you have speakers connected to your PC, it is easy to notice a new sound warning.

Now if I turn off McAfee real time scanning, I can exit Windows XP with no message at all (same as before the 2010 update).

A second problem is the desktop McAfee icon.    The McAfee desktop icon gets deleted at each startup, but a new one is reinstalled on the desktop at the last position.  That is not normal for any desktop icon.

Anyone notice the same things?

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