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Update doesn't work with Windows 7 64 bit.

I have Total Protection 2010 installed on 2 machines.  1 has XP Home 32 bit and the other has Win. 7 Ultimate 64 bit.  When I try to check for updates on the XP machine it works fine, but when I try on the Win. 7 machine it just sits there.  Also I do not have the ability to make changes to the automatically check for updates screen.  I've been in contact with technicians via chat and they have taken control of my PC and uninstalled and reinstalled the product at least 5 times still no avail.  Is this a problem with Windows 7 64 bit?  I'm frustrated because I am trying to run a VPN from my work and it checks to see if a valid Virus Software is installed and a full scan and an update has been done in the last 15 days.  Seeing the PC doesn't update the VPN won't work.  I'm almost to the point of getting different virus software.  Anyone have any thoughts?

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Re: Update doesn't work with Windows 7 64 bit.


May I know what is the processor we use in the Win 7 x 64 bit machine. ?

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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