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Uninstalling non-activated product.

I'm about to uninstall a 60-day trial version of McAfee Total Protection 2009, which was pre-installed on this computer.

I downloaded the removal tool, MCPR.exe from McAfee. However, before I begin uninstalling this product, I'd like to ask for your attention on a couple of things I have on my mind:

1. My main concern. The trial period of 60 has expired without me activating the product, since I did not wish to use it. Is this likely to cause problems? Since the 60-day trial period

has passed, there is no Activate option in the pop-up menus any more.

2. There seems to be McAfee SiteAdvisor installed on my browsers (Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox). I assume this was included with McAfee Total Protection, since I haven't

downloaded it separately. SiteAdvisor installed itself as a Firefox plugin automatically. I wish to uninstall SiteAdvisor as well. I cannot do this under Firefox, since the "Remove"

button is grey and cannot be clicked. This applies to both limited user and administrator accounts on my computer. I do not see McAfee SiteAdvisor anywhere under Add/Remove applications. Do I need a separate tool to uninstall SiteAdvisor?

3. How do I ensure Total Protection is not running before I attempt to uninstall? The icon is in the system tray, but I cannot find an option to shut it down. I'm guessing this is

because it has expired. The only buttons under Firewall Settings and "Buy" and "Cancel".

Thank you in advance. And pardon my username, I didn't meant to type in "leetspeek", I was merely thinking of Dee-Lite.

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Re: Uninstalling non-activated product.

Uninstall all McAfee products in the normal manner from Control Panel > Add or remove Programs (XP), Programs > Uninstall a Program (Vista/Windows 7).

That will shut them down prior to removing them.

Then run the MCPR removal tool and reboot when it asks you to complete the process, that will remove any remnants..

Once past the 60 days the applications wont update any more and you will get periodic reminders about it if you don't uninstall.

Also the version of SiteAdvisor that comes with Total Protection is not the same as the free version, which you re-download from after the above has been done.

There's nothing wrong with your user name... ;-)

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