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Unable to uninstall McAfee

When I am trying to uninstall McAfee, it will appear this screen:

mcafee two.png

It happened since a few months ago. Somebody can help me resolve this problem?

Sorry for my grammar.

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Re: Unable to uninstall McAfee

Hi rachel_kong,

                 Please click on the first link below my Signature, and follow the Guidelines/Instructions.

I might add also, please make certain you are current and up to date with Windows Updates, to include Internet Explorer. Even should you not use it, McAfee does. To include the Latest Adobe Flash Player as well.

                 That (Blank) box showing does not look right either, You may want to make certain you are up to date with the Latest Java, should you utilize it. Also, it wouldn,t hurt to possibly run "Malwarebytes (Free)" which can be found also under my Signature. Do not accept the ( Free Trial ) or activate it. The (Free) Version will suffice.  (Second Link)

Alll the very best,

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Re: Unable to uninstall McAfee

McAfee software relies on Internet Explorer, whether you use it or not, being up to date and at its default settings.

See if anything here helps:

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Re: Unable to uninstall McAfee

A broken link in the above document has been amended.

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