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Unable to install the software


I bought Mcafee Anti Virus and am trying to install it on my Laptop. The software is not able to install. I'm not able to get any Technical support. It is really ridiculous that the Support is so bad in Mcafee!

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Re: Unable to install the software

Some more information please.

1,  Is this the first time McAfee is being used?

2. What security software is on there now or was there before and did you run the removal tool if available?

3.  What operating system and service pack is in use?

4.  How much installed memory (RAM) and free hard drive space (HDD) is there?

5.  What errors if any have you been getting?

6.  Where are you installing from - CD or online?

7.  How do you connect to the internet?

Technical Support is available for your area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  via Online Chat  or Monday - Friday 0900 - 1800 by phone and is all free.

Customer Service (for account issues) is available Monday - Friday 0900 - 1700 via online chat or 0900 - 1800 via phone, again free.

To reach them click Useful Links at the top of this page.


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Re: Unable to install the software

Hello there,

Just wanted to follow up on your issue – Could you please confirm if you still have the issue with McAfee download ???


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Re: Unable to install the software

Hi Jai Prakash,

Problem is that the New McAfee User has no place online to check the status of whether the Servers are up, down or being worked on.

Thus, the new User(s) takes the software back to the store.

I believe that the McAfee Update routine, should open up the Web-page, when the Check for Updates, fails.

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