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Two Issues With McAfee Security Center, Please Help with This !!

Hi ?   

Two Issues With McAfee Security Center

McAfee Security Center Could Not Fix It Self So I Had To Run McAfee TechCheck.exe  Now I Have a Problem with McAfee TechCheck.exe !!

1. McAfee_TechCheck.exe Needs a Screen Resolution That I Don't Like I Have a Huge 17 inch Display and at 96 DPI Makes the Text to small, too Use for Long Periods of Usage, Can You Make This McAfee_TechCheck.exe Work With Any Screen Resolution For Folks That Have Worse Low Vision Than I Have ! **  THIS IS An Important Issue To Many Low Vision Folks !! Even Through I Do Have Very Good Vision, I Choose to use a Resolution Setting of 110 DPI (Dell Offers a 120 DPI Setting Also, But This is TOO Big a Setting for Me, Thakes up Too Much Screen Real Estate)

Number 2. The McAfee_TechCheck.exe Says That Windows Fireware is not Set, --  But I Do Have McAfee Security Center Does Have ITS Firewall Turned ON !!!, Don't You Guys Check Your OWN Security Products, When They Are Installed

Thanks !!

Sorry About the Spelling This 96 DPI is a Terrible Screen Resoultion, For These Messages !!

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Re: Two Issues With McAfee Security Center, Please Help with This !!

If TechCheck installed anything, uninstall it via Control Panel > Programs.

McAfee TechCheck is only to be used when you are thinking about employing the Techmaster paid technical support service.  It's merely a troubleshooting tool and wont fix anything whereas the McAfee Virtual Technician will.

The regular Technical Support is free of charge and available by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.  You will be asked to run the MVT I just mentioned first.

You can suggest improvements to products here:  Whilst 96dpi is the default setting for most displays I realise that it can be a problem for those with vision issues.

Lastly the Windows Firewall is switched off when McAfee Firewall is installed, so you can disregard that.

Is your software malfunctioning?   If so we need more information, what version of the software is installed (open it and click 'About') and what operating system and service pack (if applicable) is this, and what version of Internet explorer is installed (even if you don't use IE, McAfee does so we need to know that).  ?


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