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Trouble with Updates

I am getting a box that pops up 2 - 5 times a day saying "Updates available for these programs: McAfee Virus Scan". I do the update each time. Why does it have to update it so many times daily? Also, at least twice, sometimes more, a day it says my computer is not protected. I hit fix each time. Why is it getting unprotected all the time? I sure hope someone can help me because it is driving me crazy not to mention that I can't do anything else while it is fixing and updating.


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Re: Trouble with Updates

Hi Camy,

McAfee Security software uses automated updates to keep the application and resource files up to date. There are three basic types of updates: DAT updates, minor application updates, and new version releases.

DAT updates are the most common update, and are usually updated at least once a day.
Minor application updates resolve issues and/or compatibility problems.
New versions are the least frequent, and include enhancements and/or changes to the applications.

To provide more inputs on this can you provide the following information;

What is the type of internet connection ?
How old is the computer ? Any recent changes for the computer ?
do you have any other security software installed in the computer?

Please run McAfee virtual technician from and post me with the session id so that we could diagnose the problem.

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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